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Uncooled MWIR detectors and systems

Welcome to the website of New Infrared Technologies, the only company in the world manufacturing uncooled MWIR imaging FPAs and systems (3 – 5 microns, with an extended response from 1 – 3 microns).

NIT manufactures a whole line of products based on self-designed, self-produced single element detectors, linear arrays and imaging FPA. We also deliver customized detectors, sensors and systems (including OEM modules) to adapt our standard products to our customer’s solutions. Our current product lines are:

  • TACHYON SERIES: first uncooled MWIR imaging FPAs with ROIC monolithically integrated with the sensing material (digital interface for control and data acquisition)
  • MATRIX 1024 SERIES: uncooled MWIR imaging FPAs, with a resolution of 32x32 pixels
  • LUXELL SERIES: uncooled MWIR linear arrays for scanning systems (64, 128, 256 pixels FPAs and spectroscopy version)
  • LEPTON DETECTOR: single element detectors with preamplifier modules

Our systems have very high-speed detection capabilities, ranging from 100 to 2000 frames per second in imaging systems, up to 20000 lines per second in scanning systems and 50000 samples per second in single element preamplifier modules.

NIT’s systems’ great performance at room temperature operation is assured by our customers who claim that ‘NIT’s detectors are the most stable uncooled MWIR detectors in the market’.

All our products are targeted to applications where the cost of the infrared sensing component is a key driver of the customer’s final system development.