Closed-loop laser power control system for Cladding, LMD and other DED techniques

Continuous monitoring of melt pool dynamics and geometry.
Ensures quality and repeatability.
Compatible with most laser heads.
Compatible with a wide range of materials.
Easy mechanical integration.
Quick configuration.
Helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

CLAMIR: LMD/DED processes

Continuous control of the laser
Avoids overheating of the part under process and allows a continuous and high quality manufacturing process.

Reduces rates of defective parts, material reduction cost up to 60% and saves 50% more energy than uncontrolled processes.

CLAMIR: LMD/DED processes

Constant laser power causes overheating and lack of adherence to the base material.

Laser power is closed loop controlled in real time using the information extracted from the melt pool IR images.

CLAMIR: Cladding processes

Reduces damage
To the base material due to excess of laser power application (average reduction of dilution: > 40%)

Allows continuous processing
Increasing productivity.

Continuous melt pool measurement

Accurate closed-loop control of the laser power

Configuration S/W friendly user interface

Easy set up

Process compatibility

Tracks Continuous

S/W Indicators

Melt pool width Laser power Infrared image Laser status

On-axis optical system monitoring melt pool geometryLaser head optical path needs IR transmission ( > 1.1 um )Compact system – Embedded IR camera, processor and control Integration in the laser head using an existing optical port
COMPONENTSSensor head with embedded real-time processing electronics and connectors
Imaging lens
Software for system configuration
Infrared emmiter for initial focus and optical calibration
PROCESS COMPATIBILITYLMD process (Laser Metal Deposition) / Laser Cladding Processes
OPTICAL COMPATIBILITYTransmission of infrared radiation (above 1.1 um) from the process area to the optical port is required. *
MATERIAL COMPATIBILITYSteel powder, Stain steel powder, Stelite powder, Inconel, others.
LASER POWER CONTROLAnalog signal control, 0 VDC – 10 VDC
DIMENSIONS (mm) / WEIGHT88 mm x 60 mm x 92 mm / 0.5 kg
IMAGING LENSAccording clients specifications and needs. Several optical configurations available.
MECHANICAL ENCLOSUREIP67 rated mechanical enclosure with embedded heatsink
Embedded waterblock for air / water cooling
MECHANICAL INTERFACEC-mount thread with counterthread for tight adjustment
INFRARED CAMERAVPD PbSe camera, 64×64 pixels (pixel size: 50 microns)
MWIR response (1 -5 um), frame rate 1000 images per second
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSPC with processor i5, RAM memory: 8 GB
Hard disk available: 1 GB, O.S.: Windows 10 or later (32/64 bits)
PROCESS CONTROLSelectable modes: Automatic, Manual
PROCESS CONFIGURATIONSelectable process configuration: Tracks, Continuous
Initial laser power
Track length (Tracks mode)
OTHER FEATURES2x digital input, 2x digital output (multiple functionalities)
Process data logging

* The performance of the system may be limited if additional optical components are installed in the optical path.