START DATE:  01/10/2019
END DATE:  30/09/2023
TOPIC:  Pilot lines for modular factories
PROJECT PARTNERS: SIE (France) – PCL (Netherlands) – ALB (France) – VDL LM (Netherlands) – SLT (Switzerland) – ESI (Germany) – INS (Luxembourg) – COM (Italy) – SCL (France) – FILL (Austria) – EIRE (Ireland) – NIT (Spain) – TTS (Italy) – EXOM (Spain) – FBR (Denmark) – TPS (France) – INV (Spain) – BPT (Netherlands) – SFKL (Germany) – CCM (Belgium) – SSF (Switzerland) – LMS (Greece) – IPC (France) – TCN (Spain) – TNO (Netherlands) – DFKI (Germany) – AIMEN (Spain) – POLIMI (Italy) – DPX (Spain)

Project Summary:

The digitalization of industry opens the path for mass customization but requires leveraging the existing manufacturing ecosystems and establishing a collaborative manufacturing environment.

DIMOFAC project will enable the modularity, adaptability and responsiveness of a production line by the integration of Plug-and-Produce modules in a Closed-Loop Lifecycle Management System, for continuous production adaptation, optimization and improvement, in a fast and flexible manner.

Reconfigurability is achieved by implementing a Digital Twin of each module and by deploying Digital Thread linking product and process dataflow, enabling seamless secure communication throughout the product lifecycle in factory and connecting it to the management systems in conformance to RAMI4.0.

The DIMOFAC consortium is issued from the leading European open initiatives on smart manufacturing, leveraging know-how from past and running EU projects such as INTEGRADDE, COMMUNION, HIMALAIA, BRAINPORT, iM²AM, MIDIH, MARKET 4.0 and building upon a pre-existing network of open DIHs and competence centers such as SMART FACTORY KL, PICTIC, FFLOR, AFH, MANUHUB@WG. Partners will further extend their services and networks to leverage on the increased flexibility brought by modular production systems.

Six industrial pilot lines, with multi-material manufacturing, additive manufacturing and assembly capabilities, will enable to demonstrate DIMOFAC Modular Factory Solution, with reconfiguration time reduction of production lines, up to 75% expected for interactive displays (SCHALTAG), 50% for cosmetic, aeronautic and additive manufacturing (ALBEA, EIRE COMPOSITES and SCULPTEO); 30% for shavers (PHILIPS) and industrial modules (VDL).

A key result will be the network of open pilot lines, offering R&T and services supporting process validation and implementation in EU SMEs, Midcaps and large organisations in different sectors, spreading knowledge, awareness and adoption of DIMOFAC Modular Factory Solution.