The ‘startup’ in Madrid that sells low-cost infrared detectors around the world

Article published in El Confidencial (24/07/2014)

Author: Rocío P. Benavente (@galatea128)

It is a unique technology in the world that would save a lot of money on industrial processes, and is only manufactured in a small town in Madrid

Arturo Baldasano, founder and CEO of New Infrared Technologies , says without hesitation that markets its technology company, based in Madrid, is unique in the world. But to understand why, it is necessary first to attend without missing a brief lesson on basic physics: what are infrared rays and what they serve.

Infrared radiation is a type of radiation whose wavelength is greater than that of visible light. This means that we do not see it, although it is there. In fact, we emit it ourselves, just like any other body whose temperature is higher than absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin or -273.15 Celsius). But not all objects emit the same type of infrared radiation, since this can be, according to its wavelength, long, medium or short band.

Detecting infrared radiation emitted by a body is useful in many situations, so there are sensors that capture it in each of these bands: in the long run they are able to detect bodies whose temperature exceeds 20 degrees (they are the ones used, for example , In equipment that detects the human body, such as night vision), in the mean they pick up bodies at more than 80 degrees (like a missile or a bullet) and in the short detect those that are more than 300 degrees Kite). Each type of detector can also operate with cooling system or not. Depending on it you will have a greater or less sensitivity and will be used for different things.

What New Infrared Technologies (NIT) has achieved, and what Baldasano referred to in the first line of this article as something unique in the world, is to manufacture infrared ray detectors in the middle band, not refrigerated, and to capture information, Not just one point as others do, but an entire area. For many of us this does not mean anything, but for hundreds of industries around the world, these devices could be very important economical savings when performing certain processes.

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