• i3LasWeld - Monitoring system for real-time laser welding process monitoring

    Inline Imaging Infrared i3LasWeld – Inline Infrared Imaging monitoring system for real-time laser welding process monitoring with high-speed sensr (1 kHz)

    New Infrared Technologies, Ltd.

Inline Imaging Infrared i3LasWeld

Imaging infrared system for real-time laser welding process monitoring


  • False friends
  • Lack of penetration / lack of fusion
  • Cracks, pores
  • Underfilling

Main characteristics:

  • Easy adapt to standard laser welding heads using C-mount optical interface
  • 100% monitoring of welding processes
  • Real-time defect detection during the welding process
  • On-axis process observation using high-speed infrared imaging sensor (1 kHz)

Technical specifications

Optical sensorUncooled infrared imaging module
TACHYON 1024 microCORE
Infrared band of
MWIR (1 – 5 microns)
Image resolution32×32 (pixel size: 135 um x 135 um)
Frame rate1000 images per second
CommunicationUSB 2.0 High-speed (480 Mbps); mini-B USB M12 connector with locking mechanism (IP67)
Power5 VDC, 500 mA (USB interface)
EnclosureRuggedized IP67-rated
Optical interfaceCS-mount
Sensor dimensions (mm)46 x 39 x 29
Processing unitIndustrial PC, Intel Dual Core i5 @ 2 GHz, 4 GB RAM
DefectsHoles, pores, lack of penetration, lack of fusion, flase friends, underfilling


New Infrared Technologies, Ltd.

New TACHYON 1024 microCORE

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New Infrared Technologies, Ltd.

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