Uncooled MWIR infrared sensors

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Specialized solutions and customized products

Custom designed products

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirement for your products. We can offer you our help and experience in the design of your product (ranging from the FPA to the electronic readout and processing system) to meet completely your specifications.

All our detectors are manufactured with Polychristalline PbSe (Vapor Phase Deposited) allowing MWIR detection and uncooled performance at room temperature.



Detector geometry
Multielement, Linear, Imaging FPA
Number of elements
To be defined
Element design
Pixel size, pitch, geometry
Substrate Silicon, sapphire, silica, others
Packaging SMD / TO-x, others
Non-hermetic / Hermetic
Cooling capabilities Uncooled, 1-TEC, 2-TEC, 3-TEC
Spectral filtering
Bandpass, Linear Variable Filter