• FPA resolution

    128 x 128

  • Integration time

    Programmable, 20 us – 1000 us

  • Communication interface

    GigE Vision / USB 3.0 Vision

  • Frame rate

    2,000 images per second (maximum)

  • Readout method

    Snapshot (Global shutter)

  • Data format

    14 bits, raw data

  • Software development

    DLL available


  • Electronic module system with control and communications interface for TACHYON 16k FPA (2G5 FPA ROIC, 128×128)


  • Industrial process control
  • Laser monitoring
  • Gas and flame detection



  • FPA: TACHYON 16k FPA, 128 x 128 (16384 pixels)
  • Frame rate performance: 2000 fps full frame @128×128
  • Readout method: Snapshot (global shutter)
  • Power supply: 12V, < 5 W
  • Mechanical shutter for 1-pt offset correction
  • Genicam compatible
  • Compact size
  • Interface: standard vision interfaces, two options:
    – GigE Vision
    – USB Vision
  • Integration time: programmable, 20 us – 1 ms
  • Data format: raw, 14 bit
  • Monitoring of FPA temperature
  • Windowing (higher frame rates achievable)
  • External triggers (in/out)
  • Data output: 14/28 lines (serial communication, 50 MHz)
  • Windowing capabilities
  • Optional packaging: hermetic, n-TEC cooled

Technical notes – News

New Infrared Technologies, Ltd.
New Infrared Technologies, Ltd.

New TACHYON 1024 microCORE

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