Inline Infrared Imaging Monitoring System


High-speed infrared imaging monitoring system for quality assurance of industrial processes

  • Inline Infrared Imaging Monitoring System for industrial process monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring and measurement of the melt pool and HAZ geometry
  • Ensures quality monitoring
  • Allows coaxial integration and off-axis operation
  • Standalone operation
  • 2-alarm levels configuration, PC datalogging
  • Main applications: Laser welding, LMD, cladding, WAAM, others
ComponentsInfrared camera with real-time processing electronics and waterblock
Connection box, multi I/O cable (3 m), power supply (24 VDC)
Software package for system configuration, datalogging and log files analysis
Infrared emmiter for optical calibration
Process compatibilityLaser welding, arc welding, LMD, cladding, WAAM, others
Mechanical integrationCoaxial & off-axis operation
Laser optics compatibility
(For coaxial integration)
Transmission of infrared signal (above 1.1 um) from the process area to the optical port is required*
OutputAnalog signal output (0 VDC – 10 VDC) proportional to width of melt pool / HAZ Configurable span
Dimensions (mm)Infrared camera: 88 mm x 60 mm x 92 mm Connection box: 124.5 mm x 102 mm x 28 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Power supply24 VDC, 6 W
Power supply included
Imaging lensCaF2, f=50 mm, F#2.25 with manual focus mechanism
(other focal lengths available)
Mechanical enclosure
IP67 rated mechanical enclosure with embedded heatsink
Embedded waterblock for air / water cooling
Mechanical interface
(front side of optics)
C-mount thread with counterthread for tight adjustment
Field of view
Resolution per pixel
VPD PbSe camera, 64×64 pixels (pixel size: 50 microns)
MWIR response (1 -5 um), frame rate 1000 images per second
Communication interfaceGigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
SoftwareI3MS Acquisition and Configuration SW v.1.0
NIT Visualization SW v.2.1
Minimum requirements PC with processor i5, RAM memory: 8 GB
Hard disk available: 1 GB, O.S.: Windows 10 or later (32/64 bits)
Process monitoring configurationSelectable configurations: Manual, Tracks, Continuous
Track length (Tracks mode), Alarm levels, Alarm delay
Laser ON delay & autodetection
IndicatorsMelt pool / HAZ width, Infrared image, Laser status
Alarm (2 configurable alarm levels)
Other featuresLaser ON/OFF digital input (optocoupled)
Monitoring alarm digital output (optocoupled)
Process data logging, Circular & rectangular Region-Of-Interest (ROI)
Accesories3-color light pole indicator