NIT participates in different consortiums with big international companies to develop the systems of the future

Nit Infrared Projects International projects

CLASCO Project

In the coming years, the European industry must assume the challenge of adopting clean and climate-neutral industrial value chains, producing sustainable products.

BigData LMD Project

BigData LMD Project – The focus of the quality control will be to analyze and visualize the quality KPIs of the LMD process.

LASIBAT project

Laser-based in-line sintering of adapted ceramic materials for the manufacturing of solid-state battery cells (LASIBAT)

imPURE project

imPURE project – Injection Moulding Repurposing for Medical Supplies enabled by Additive Manufacturing (2020)


BARRECLAD Project – Laser Cladding of large twin barrels (BARRELCLAD)

LASHARE project

Main objective is to share knowledge on laser based equipment and its use addressing the whole value chain end to end.

MASHES project

MAShES aims to develop a breakthrough compact imaging system for RT closed-loop control of laser processing.

SEERS project

SEERS (Snapshot Spectral Imager for IR Surveillance) will develop a modular, compact and cost effective snapshot spectral imaging system in the infrared domain (0.7-14 µm wavelength).

ambliFibre project

ambliFibre will develop and validate the first intelligent model-based controlled laser-assisted tape winding system for fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (FRP) components

FlexHyJoin project

Multimaterial systems combining metals with thermoplastic fiber reinforced polymer composites (TP-FRPC) are the key for light weight design in the automotive industry.

ComMUnion project – European Commission (Horizon 2020)

The ComMUnion project aims to develop a novel solution for manufacturing productive and cost effective 3D metal/CFRTs multi-material components.


INTEGRADDE project – Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition process