Since its foundation NIT shows a strong commitment to the scientific and technology development as a pillar for improving processes and developing new and more reliable devices and systems

NIT Infrared sensor Technology

Photoconductive PbSe films for infrared Imaging.

Mechanistic studies of oxidation and iodization of PbSe thin film sensitization for mid-infrared radiation.

Role of halogens in the mechanism of sensitization of uncooled infrared photodetectors.

Polycrystalline lead selenide: the resurgence of an old infrared detector.

A 128×128 pix 4-kfs 14 bit digital pixel PbSe-CMOS uncooled MWIR imager

A 2 kfps sub-uW/pix uncooled PbSe digital imager with 10 bit DR adjustment and FPN correction for high speed and low cost MWIR application

80×80 VPD PbSe: the first uncooled MWIR FPA monolithically integrated with a Si-CMOS ROIC

Monolithic uncooled IR detectors of polycrystalline PbSe: a real alternative

Laser Processing monitor

Deep learning and conventional machine learning for image based in situ fault detection during laser welding: A comparative study

Machine learning as a comparative tool to determine the relevance of signal features in laser welding.

A spatio-temporal ensemble deep learning architecture for real time defect detection during laser welding on low power embedded computing boards.

Uncooled MWIR PbSe Technology outperforms CMOS RT closed loop control and monitoring of laser processing.

Cognitive high speed defect detection and classification in MWIR images of laser welding

Laser beam welding quality monitoring system based in high speed (10 kHz) uncooled MWIR imaging sensors

Monitoring of industrial welding processes using high speed uncooled MWIR imaging sensors


AI-enabled real time dual comb molecular fingerprint imaging

High speed IR monitoring of a turbojet engine gas flow using and uncooled MWIR imaging sensor.

Airborne campaign results of a compact 2-4 microns broadband supercontinuum-based spectrometer system for multispecies atmospheric gas analysis at ppm level.

Mid-infrared uncooled sensor for the identification of pure fuel, additives and adulterants in gasoline.

Compact Supercontinuum gas spectrometer: principle and airbone applications

Dual-Frequency Comb Hyperspectral Imaging by Massively Parallelized infrared Detection and Machine Learning

Dual Comb Hyperspectral Imaging with a high framerate infrared detector array

Compact UAV compatible boradband 2D spectrometer for multi-species atmospheric gas analysis

Detection of biological CO2and 1,3 Pentadiene using non refrigerated low cost MWIR detectetors

Gas and flame detection and identification using uncooled MWIR imaging sensors

Compact high speed MWIR spectrometer applied to monitori CO2 exhaust dynamics from a turbojet engine