— Esta cámara de infrarrojo medio y alta velocidad es capaz de proporcionar 1.000 imágenes por segundo en funcionamiento no refrigerado @ 128×128

— No refrigerada y con precios muy competitivos, rápida y robusta. la Tachyon 16k Camera es óptima para aplicaciones de alto volumen y orientada a la Industria 4.0

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain – January 30, 2017 

New Infrared Technologies (NIT), the world´s unique manufacturer of high-speed uncooled imagers sensitive to MWIR, announces the introduction of its new and groundbreaking Tachyon 16K Camera at SPIE Photonics West 2017, taking place in San Francisco (CA) from January the 31st through February the 2nd. The Tachyon 16K Camera brings new performance to the volume-produced uncooled IR imagers’ domain, with unprecedented high speed of response and high frame rates.

The Tachyon 16K Camera, NIT´s flagship product, is based on a new and innovative FPA of VPD PbSe, sensitive in the 1-5 microns spectral range, with an increased resolution of 128×128 and providing frame rates of 1 kHz at full resolution in uncooled operation.  Additionally, the VPD PbSe, entirely developed and manufactured by NIT, is the first quantum infrared technology monolithically compatible with Si-CMOS circuitry. As a result, Tachyon 16K is affordable, fast, robust and optimal for volume requirements.

“It is NIT´s goal to catalyze the adoption of infrared imaging massively by the industrial sector. We are confident that our world-exclusive uncooled MWIR technology does just that by enabling volume manufacturing of fast, robust and affordable products such as the Tachyon 16K Camera, targeting also to industry 4.0,” said Arturo Baldasano, CEO of NIT. “SPIE Photonics West provides a great venue for NIT to introduce its Tachyon 16K Camera to those seeking innovative imaging to monitor and control industrial processes, such as laser welding and additive manufacturing, where our technology can make the difference,” concluded Mr. Baldasano”.

The Tachyon 16K Camera includes the NIT Software Suite, a software package with applications for data acquisition and visualization, and the data communication is made through a GigE interface compatible with the GenICam standard, and thus allowing the programming of custom solutions. At the Fair, NIT will also display its best selling product, the Tachyon 1024 microCAMERA for industrial applications.

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