Laser-based in-line sintering of adapted ceramic materials for the manufacturing of solid-state battery cells (LASIBAT)

Proyecto LASIBAT

START DATE: 01/09/2022
END DATE: 31/07/2025
TOPIC: Advance manufacturing of solid state battery cells


Proyecto apoyado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

Una manera de hacer Europa Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) UNION EUROPEA

Project Partners:

Coordinator: Coherent-Dilas (Germany)
Partner: SINTEF (Norway)
Partner: CERPOTECH (Norway)
Partner: NIT (Spain)
Partner: Fraunhofer ILT (Germany)

Project Summary

LASIBAT project objective is to develop a novel manufacturing process for solid-state batteries based on laser sintering.

Laser sintering will enable a reduction of the thermal impact on the underlying material and undesired diffusion process, and therefore avoid lithium volatilization and the formation of side phases which would otherwise reduce the battery performance.

The novel manufacturing process will be realised through the development of functional ceramic materials,  adapted layer deposition methods, as well as a scalable inline laser sintering process.

At the end of the project, a setup for in-line laser sintering will be built to show scalability for potential industrial use.

The results of the project will be a new solid-state battery material system, adapted to the fast laser sintering, which fulfil the necessities over the lifetime while meeting additional restrictions as e.g. price and environmental challenges.

To make a demonstrator coin cell battery to validate the cell concept with a mixed cathode layer and laser sintering for manufacturing.

To develop an experimental setup for a scalable in-line laser-based sintering approach with blue laser radiation and a closed loop temperature control.

The overall TRL level of the inline laser sintering will be raised from 2 to 4-5, while single elements of the process chain (powder manufacturing, laser source and temperature control unit) will be raised to higher levels.

The LASIBAT project will generate a new understanding of the materials and processes for the production of lithium-ion solid-state batteries using laser sintering, which creates great market potential for European battery manufacturers in a highly competitive international market. The new battery production technology can create and secure new European jobs in new

and existing market segments and will be of high economic benefit for the involved companies.

Besides the main topic of laser sintering for battery production, the project will contribute to the development of high-power blue laser source technology.

This project has received funding from the ERA-NET with co-financing from CDTI and the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Union