TEMPMED is a non-contact body temperature measurement system fully compliant with IEC 80601-2-59:2019 Standard

  • High precision Infrared thermography system radiometrically calibrated
  • Compliant with IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 Standard

TEMPMED is a unique system among the rest of the existing technologies in the market, thanks to the combination of all its characteristics and the strict monitoring of IEC 80601-2-59: 2019

  • Allows a quick and accurate body temperature measurement of people and alert about those that exceed an established maximum body temperature, thus detecting possible cases of fever and avoiding putting at risk the health of third parties
  • TEMPMED complies with the IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 standard providing highly reliable measurements. This standard establishes the particular requirements for safety and essential operation of thermographic systems used for the detection of feverish human temperature.
  • System developed with high-accuracy thermal cameras with resolutions 640×480 px or 384×288 px.
  • Quick identification of the tear of the eye (only correct area to measure the temperature). In accordance with the standard, it does not allow measuring people with glasses or mask.
  • The TEMPMED system is robust, reliable and easy to install. Includes a Blackbody system to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Ensures its accuracy by not allowing measuring more than one person simultaneously.
Calibrated thermal imaging camera with high precision for measurement of facial temperature
Resolution: 640×480 px
High sensivity: 60 mK
Integrated video camera (RGB Full HD)
Reference blackbody
Radiometric precision: ± 0.25 °C
Stability: less than 0.1 °C
Includes traceable calibration certificate
Dual display screen (position & reference, control & measure)
Portable system (tripods)
High precision system <±0.5ºC
Stickers with indications for use and proper positioning
Analysis software and system configuration with the following functions:
Image fusion algorithm that allows viewing both images (thermal and visible) on screens
Generation of alarms with notification on screen
Real-time hot spot analysis
Option for simultaneous recording of video and thermal images
Easy integration with other systems